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I.T. Staff & Contract Personnel

Hardware + Software Engineers on Short or Long-Term Contracts

We can supply contract I.T. Staff for any of your projects, from I.T. Systems Analysts and Support Engineers, to Hardware and Network Specialists, Programmers and Software Engineers, and high-level Consultants for Management and Investor Reporting.

Permanent or Contract I.T. Staff

If you have a requirement for Permanent or Contract I.T. Personnel, please call us and let us know your requirements. Whether it be one or one hundred people you need, we can help with all your recruitment and contracting needs.

Personnel Checks

As an additional service, we are able to assess I.T. Personnel against specific project skill requirements, and can go into some detail on this, being quite knowledgeable in the field! We can also offer limited background checking, according to State and Federal Guidelines. Please call us to discuss Competence or Security Vetting in more detail...

I.T. Pre-sales, Post-sales, Management & Investor Consultancy

We engage in all types of I.T. Consultancy, formal or otherwise, and can provide a range of direct or out-sourced project-based I.T. Consultancy Services, including;

  • Project Feasibility Reports + Consultancy
  • Project/Product Assessment Reports + Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Project Documentation
  • I.T. Systems Analysis
  • I.T. Policies, Quality Procedure Manuals and Documentation
  • User Manuals and Procedures, Hand-outs, Bulletins, etc.

Professional Documentation

We pride ourselves on our high standard of documentation, and all documents produced by us are done to a fully professional standard, in accordance with all and any Government, Accounting, Audit or ISO Requirements/Guidelines, and acceptable for submission to any such body, as specified by our clients.

Further Information:
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  • Are you an IT Contracter, with proven skills and 10+ years IT experience? See our Careers Page for details of current skill requirements.