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I.T. Service & Support

Having all the latest hardware, and the latest fantastic software does not necessarily mean you have an effective I.T. System. Unless all these things work together, you could be wasting thousands of dollars and man hours.

As I.T. Support Specialists, we can offer many different levels of support, ad-hoc or contract, to help in the smooth running of your Data Processing Equipment.

These are our services;

Hardware Support

Software Support

I.T. Consultancy

From Network Servers, to the humble netbook, from connectivity to repair and upgrade, we can provide competent, certified servicing and troubleshooting for all your I.T. equipment. We carry out both warranty and non-warranty work, on or off-site, very reasonable rates.

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Roll-out, installation, upgrade, licence-compliance, whatever your software requirements we can fulfil them. We offer remote support for most standard applications, as well as specialist systems, for instance for Legal, Financial or Educational purposes.

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Often, sorting the wood from the trees can be a daunting and time-consuming task for the average SME. We can give both pre- and post-acquisition Sales Consultancy, as well as Management or Investor Consultancy, for solutions or product evaluation.

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Backup & Business Continuity

We have a full portfolio of backup and business continuity solutions, from self-contained, in-house dedicated BDR servers, to full, off-site managed services, in shared or dedicated space.

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Cloud Computing

We can now offer complete out-sourcing, cloud computing and data warehousing, to give continuous, worldwide I.T. facilities, in a revolutionary simplified and cost-effective manner.

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Websites + E-Commerce

From simple web-site creation to complete domain management + payment solutions, we can offer professional, timely and customer-owned solutions to all your internet and e-commerce needs.

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