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Welcome to CompuCity Inc.

CompuCity Inc., are an I.T. Specialist based in Chicago, Illinois. We have been providing computer equipment and services for over 20 years, and have gained considerable experience in the requirements of business computing and networking systems for the SME, as well as Educational, Medical and Local Government departments.

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What we do...

We provide all types of I.T. Solutions, from hardware and software acquisition, contract or ad-hoc technical support, and a range of mobile and ground-based programming and application services.

Hardware Services

We offer complete hardware supply and acquisition services, one-off or bulk supplies, most manufacturers supported.

For the more cost-conscious, we have comprehensive Ex-Stock and Surplus lists for Computer Equipment, ranging from Notebooks and Printers, to *real* bargains in the Server and Networking category. Phone switches, CCTV/IP equipment and PLC/Logic controllers also available in this category. Click HERE for details.

We also supply bespoke and custom-made hardware for the more discerning user....


Software Services

We supply licenced software from most vendors, for general use applications, such as Microsoft, Adobe, Sun Microsystems and others.

We can also install open-source (FREE) equivalents to the above, and uptake on these is increasing, saving dramatic amounts of money for the average I.T. department.

We also source and supply more vertical applications, such as specialist Legal or Financial Software, and can create bespoke applications in a variety of disciplines to cater for even more specialised customer requirements.


I.T. Services

We offer a complete range of I.T. Services, on ad-hoc or contract basis, catering for single PC's or entire networks.

Primary Services include;

  • IT/Network Support + Management
  • Backup/Restore & Contingency Planning
  • Cloud Computing facilities
  • Mobile Computing, Mobile Apps. Development
  • Bespoke Software & Website Development.

We provide fixed contracts, tender proposals and management consultancy, always fully documented and professionally implemented.