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I.T. Services & Support

Hardware Support

Hardware Support and Maintenance may involve warranty/non-warranty repairs, preventative maintenance, installation, configuration or upgrade, and typically covers the following types of equipment;

  • Network Servers - installation, maintenance, upgrade, relocation
  • Network Workstations - Slim-clients, PCs or Notebooks
  • Network Equipment - hubs, cabling issues, switches and routers
  • Printers, Scanners and other large peripherals

Software Support

Software or Application Support Contracts may cover licence compliance, installation, configuration, network roll-out, centralizing, etc. A list of supported software is impractical, but applications we cover would include;

  • Server Operating Systems - Windows Server, Novell, Linux
  • Workstation Operating Systems - Windows, Linux, Google Chrome
  • Office Applications - Exchange Server, Microsoft Office, Sun Microsystems Open-Office
  • Proprietary/Bespoke Applications - for instance specialist Legal or Accounting Software

Remote or On-site Support

If possible, we would always use remote software support, such as LogMeIn®, Windows Remote Desktop, etc. This keeps costs to a minimum, and ensures support can be offered in a timely manner. However, sometimes (especially for first-time installation) we would need to visit your premises, and our on-site rates are quite reasonable.

Technical Support Contracts

Our Support Contracts are flexible, with monthly, quarterly or yearly billing, and we cover the following areas:

  • Hardware Maintenance, Repair and Replacement
  • Network & Printer Management
  • PC Support and Maintenance
  • Software Support, Installation and Development
  • Website/Domain Development and Management
  • Backup & Contingency Planning

Most of our support contracts are in Chicago, but we can provide contract staff and remote support to customers anywhere in the world.

Sub-Contracted or Sole-Contracter, Nationwide or International

We can work amiably alongside other contracters, reporting to a support manager, or act as a sole-contracter, an outsource, managing your entire I.T., Communications and Internet requirements.

We provide PC and Network Support to customers in the USA, UK and Internationally, on a contract or ad-hoc basis.

I.T. Pre-sales, Post-sales, Management & Investor Consultancy

We engage in all types of I.T. Consultancy, formal or otherwise, and can provide a range of direct or out-sourced project-based I.T. Consultancy Services, including;

  • Project Feasibility Reports + Consultancy
  • Project/Product Assessment Reports + Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Project Documentation
  • I.T. Systems Analysis
  • I.T. Policies, Quality Procedure Manuals and Documentation
  • User Manuals and Procedures, Hand-outs, Bulletins, etc.

Professional Documentation

We pride ourselves on our high standard of documentation, and all documents produced by us are done to a fully professional standard, in accordance with all and any Government, Accounting, Audit or ISO Requirements/Guidelines, and acceptable for submission to any such body, as specified by our clients.

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