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Off-the-Shelf, Open-Source or Bespoke Software Solutions

We have a very flexible approach to supplying computer software to our customers;

Software Supply + Licencing

Open-Source Software

Bespoke Software Developments

We can supply and install all the usual brands of software, including Microsoft Office, Exchange Servers, Microsoft/Linux File Server software, Adobe, Symantec and others. Whether it be for office services, productivity, or more specialised document or process requirements, we have installed most brands, in most situations.
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Increasingly, customers are looking for better deals on their corporate software acquisitions, as well as better and friendlier support. This is where open-source software comes into its own, being totally FREE to use, well supported by internet communities, and functionally equivalent, often better to expensive, off-the-shelf offerings.
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In case you have a requirement that the big boys don't cater for, or you have a specific database need that there is no suitable off-the-shelf solution for, then we can probably create the application for you, or more commonly these days, we can find open-source software that nearly does the job, and then modify it or customize it to fit.
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Open Source Software

For extensive information on Open-Source software, and to search for specific open-source and free-to-use professional software applications, please visit

Open Source Foundation