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Off-the-Shelf Commercial Software - Supply & Installation

Commercial Off-the-Shelf Software

We have supplied standard, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software since our formation, and have much experience in both the installation and use of proprietary software systems and productivity suites.

We can ensure your network or PCs have the latest software, fully legal and licenced, and can put procedures in place to ensure you remain up-to-date and licence-compliant.

We can usually find you a good deal for Microsoft systems, and can assist in the roll-out of software to all your networks and/or workstations. We have years of experience in the use and installation of all current software packages, and will not simply install it, bill you, and walk away.

Vertical Applications

We have lots of experience of specific industry/sector software, such as legal document management systems, accounting systems, databases and so on. We are familiar with a lot of the systems out there, and even when we encounter something we have not seen before, our knowledge of I.T. and our familiarity with software generally will ensure we can offer support on even the most unusual of software packages.

Software Support

We can provide basic help-desk support on all current applications, and can provide staff training where required. We can ensure you get the best use out of your applications, and since we also specialise in backup and contingency planning, we can help assure your data integrity, and enable you to not lose any data owing to application failure or user carelessness.

Software Maintenance Contracts + Licence Compliance

On a Contract Basis, we can maintain your software and licencing compliance, ensuring your PCs and Servers are installed with the latest software and patches, and that you are compliant with any Licensing or Data Protection issues.

Open Source Software

For extensive information on Open-Source software, and to search for specific open-source and free-to-use professional software applications, please visit

Open Source Foundation