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Programming & Development Services - Bespoke Software Development

An I.T. Services Provider with Computer Programming Ability!

It is surprising how few I.T. Service Providers DO NOT have any ability to write Computer Programs. Whereas we believe that if you cannot write a computer program, you cannot really appreciate the inner workings of a computer or its software, and you certainly cannot fix some of the stranger problems that can occur when operating computers or their software.

At CompuCity, we can provide complete computer programming and blackbox development services in several disciplines including Perl, C/C++, Assembler, Etc.

In the early days...

In the early days, if it wasn't a word-processor or a spreadsheet, it would have to be created for you. This is where we cut our teeth, porting Unix applications to DOS, converting data from one format to another, or fiddling with assembly and device drivers and memory managers and so on... Those were the days!

Latest projects..

Our latest projects are predominently web-based, or web-connected in some way. For instance, we have just completed a project for a London-based Office Agent Service Provider, involving the creation of a spider, for grabbing property availability data from around the web, and then white-label/search facility to enable agents to present that data seamlessly onto their own websites, either as a HTML Iframe, or as streamed RSS/XML data.

CompuCity In-House Programming Skills

Our in-house skills include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Web-Technologies - PHP, Perl/CGI, Javascript, HTML, XML, CSS, Ruby, Ajax, etc.
  • Land-Technologies - Java, C/C++, Assembler for DOS, Windows and/or Linux
  • Database Technologies - Access, Sculptor, Java/JavaScript, various SQLs, most platforms
  • Mobile Technologies - we're starting to get inquiries about Android, Gumstix and other mobile platforms, and are updating our skills accordingly
  • PLCs, Phone Switches, Programming Logic Arrays - e.g. Siemens, Panasonic, Omron and Mitsubishi.

Project Management + Contract Programming Personnel

In case a project is too big for our own hard-working staff to take on, we can provide full project management and the supply of vetted, competence-tested personnel for large or continually on-going programming requirements.

Personnel are available in most disciplines, on short or long-term contracts. For further information on our Contract Staff and Programmers, please see our Contract Support Page.

Open Source Software

For extensive information on Open-Source software, and to search for specific open-source and free-to-use professional software applications, please visit

Open Source Foundation