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Cloud Computing

CompuCity Inc. in partnership with Cyber Development Group

Our partnership with CDGI gives our customers access to world-wide data warehousing, storage, and application access.

Data Centers located in Chicago, New York and London

CDGI is an established player in the Data Center, Data Warehousing and Cloud Computing markets, having certified facilities in Chicago and Mount Prospect in Illinois, Cleveland Ohio, Manassas Virginia, and then further afield, in the international internet hubs of New York and London.

Equipment located in Tier-3+ SAS-70 Certified Facilities

All facilities are fully 2N Tier 3+ and SAS-70 Type II Compliant + Certified, and offer an extremely robust and reliable location for all your critical Data and Applications. For more information about CDGI and the services we can jointly offer, please visit the website.

So what is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing means using the to access our data AND our applications from a remote, fully secured location.

The advantages of this approach are many;

  • Access your systems from anywhere in the world, over secure IP-Tunnelled Connections.
  • No loss of data in case of computer loss, theft or failure. Simply get any old laptop, get on-line, and all your applications and data are where you left them
  • Increased Security - for most purposes, a data center offers increased security in terms of unauthorized disclosure, data confidentiality and of course, data integrity with increased availability.
  • For large operators, audit of user access, print requests or downloads will usually be the same as you are used to, but without the hassle of maintaining your own extensive logs and analysis software.
  • For smaller operators, audit and access facilities generally only available with a great deal of expense and complication are now available as standard, so you too can enjoy the benefits of a large, organized I.T. department.

Just like the old days...

In many ways this is more akin to very old-fashioned computing, where data would be stored on a massive computer, in some faraway building, and it would be accessed from remote and very dumb terminals across dedicated kilostream connections. These days, it is far easier to setup this scenario, and of course it has far more power and flexibility.

Modern Cloud Computing happens over fast internet connections, can instantaneously reach multiple locations worldwide, and the terminals are not as dumb as they used to be, or at least they are a lot prettier.

In this way, your computer would be a terminal, it needs only Windows (or Linux!) and a an internet connection (Wireless will do!).

Because internet connections are a lot faster than your old terminal links, with considerably more bandwidth, much more complex applications are possible. In the old days, you would access maybe a database, a word-processor if you were really lucky, and usually a game or two. These days, we have SQL databases, Microsoft Office Suite or Free equivalents, and even graphics and video editing software can all work on-line.

This means we don't need to install anything on our PC. It once again becomes 'dumb', easy to use, cheap to run, and not a disaster if it fails or walks off.

Mobile Computing and the Cloud..

Mobile phones are obviously a Cloud activity, and everybody has one. Indeed, mobile communications are now far bigger than land-based telephone lines, so the next big step will be in mobile computing.

The traditional problems with mobile computing was the mobile computer. Yes, you can carry it, and yes, you can get on the internet and work, but let's face it, they are heavy, the batteries are crap, you can't work on them in the sun, and they make you are target for muggers.

We believe that is about to change, and for many, it already has. Most of us have been getting our email whilst on the move for many years now, but with the latest generation of smart phones, especially those based on Android or other versions of Linux, we now have a dumb terminal in our pockets. We can word-process, access corporate databases, easily perform most of our job functions from anywhere.

This is helping drive the Cloud Computing concept, so we live in a much more connected world, with much larger applications available to our mobile devices, and therefore to a nearly obsolete desktops as well.

The future

We are firm believers in Cloud Computing both as a concept, and as a practical solution, available now to all of our customers.

Please call us now to discuss your requirements, and maybe you can save yourselves 1000's of dollars, by migrating your computing facilities and critical data systems to the cloud!

The Cloud Revolution

We invite you to join us at the Cloud Revolution event in your area and talk one-on-one with Business Development Representatives from Zenith to check out the latest offerings in IT Service Management tools and services. Call us now to register: 312-346-2048 Zenith Cloud Revolution