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Website & E-Commerce Solutions

Internet + E-Commerce Solutions

We can provide a range of no-nonsense internet and e-commerce solutions, including;

  • Website design, modification and repair
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) or Managed Websites to suit
  • Domain and Email Hosting and/or Management
  • On-line Database Integration
  • Shopping Trolleys, Order Forms, Card Payments
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Reports & Statistics

A Programmatic Approach

A Website can be considered as a type of software application, requiring programming ability. Or you can shop around for ready-made components by Google, Adobe or other major vendors, masquerading their warez as free, or client-owned. Unlike other developers, we take the former view, and all HTML, CSS, JavaScript or more advanced PHP/Perl/CGI solutions are built from the ground up, unique to each client. This level of customization means we can be much more precise in our website applications, and the benefits to our customers are complete portability (for instance to a new host or service provider), totally proprietary and self-contained programming, so if Google goes down, your site will still be there, and of course it means that your website is uniquely your property, with no possibility of claims from third parties about the ownership of images or code.

Automatic SEO - Search Engine Optimizations

You have probably received 'SEO-spam', inviting you to allow such-and-such company to 'bolt-on' SEO and get your website ranked under Google et al. We submit to you that SEO is an automatic process built into the website at conception by intelligent design, standards compliance, and sensible and informative website copy.


We build our websites and internet technology to a high standard, adhering to all W3C and Browser-Interoperability specifications, to ensure that websites and e-commerce programs perform correctly on all internet browsers, and on all platforms, Windows, Apple, Linux or Mobile.

Bandwidth Efficiency, Portability & Client-Ownership

When developing a website, it is very important to ensure;

  • Bandwidth Efficiency - so that your website can be viewed quickly, and your ISP will not charge you extra because of all the enormous pages that have been created.
  • Website Portability - meaning that if we develop a website for you, we will not 'lock' you into a proprietary system that you cannot then port to a new ISP or webserver.
  • Client Ownership - too often developers attempt to 'lock' the customer into their service, by employing proprietary systems, or confusing copyrights. We believe a customer's material belongs to the customer, and we always take steps to ensure the customer owns their work, and any work WE DO on their behalf.
Further Information:

Please see also our Programming page for further information on skills and disciplines used in the creation and deployment of software projects, which include web-development and e-commerce solutions.