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Off-The-Shelf Computers & Networks

We have standard dealer and OEM arrangements with most of the major manufacturers, and can secure competitive pricing on any number of PCs, Servers, and other Digital Hardware.


We can supply most types of server for purchase or leasing, fully-installed, Windows, Linux or even Novell, and with comprehensive Backup Options, full service plan and support contracts, with further options for on-site or off-site co- or single-location.

We will install all necessary routers, hubs, multiplexors and firewalls. We can install structured CAT-5 copper or optical cabling to enable your network to be immediately operational, safe, and with all necessary proprietary or general applications.

We also support, maintain and upgrade servers of most makes, with memory, disks, even new motherboards or CPUs, if such repair proves cost effective.

New network designs however are making the 'server' not as important as it once was, especially for smaller networks. In such cases, a Network Disk will prove far more cost-effective, far simpler to operate and maintain, and offers far more flexibility with regard to Data Security and expandability. A setup based on network disks is typically a fifth of the cost of conventional file server technologies.


From high-end Sparcs and other Unix/Linux workstations, to low-profile, energy efficient slim clients and all-in-one PCs, we can provide competitive pricing for all your workstation and desktop needs. We can source most required hardware, and have no particular preference, it depends on who is doing the best deal at any give time. Call us for latest news!

Notebooks, Netbooks and Tablets

Naturally, we sell a fair amount of Notebooks, the Netbook is not so popular with the business user, and cheaper ones certainly have had reliability issues. The Tablet is a fantastic platform, but aimed much more at the Facebooking and Movie-viewing public rather than the serious business user. No matter, we can supply to demand, and can always suggest the latest deals on offer from the various manufacturers.

Computing from your mobile phone!

The arrival of Android (a cut-down version of Linux) and the 'smart' phone, Google phones and even the new-fangled Microsoft phone means that in theory we can compute on the move, and access nearly all our normal applications. However, we don't believe it is there yet, they have to sort out better virtual or fold-out keyboards, expandable or projected displays, and some way of letting us see them properly in sunlight!

But watch this space!

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